Muscle Injury

Calf strain

A common injury we treat here. Depending on the severity, we may utilize diagnostic ultrasound to evaluate for more significant injury including tearing of muscle fibers. If you recently suffered a calf strain or calf muscle tear.

Calf Strain Treatment and Recommendations

  • We recommend wearing a compression sleeve
  • We recommend heel lifts for a short time
  • We use specific manual therapy on and around the area including ART (active release technique)
  • We like early eccentric strengthening with lateral movements and flat foot contacts as early rehabilitation.
  • We use high intensity laser therapy

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Hamstring Strain Common Questions

This it’s a nice video from a clinical researcher in Aspetar. That group has been researching the return to play criteria for years as well as answering a lot of common clinical questions around hamstring tears and strains.

  • When can I return to sport?
  • Will it tear again?
  • When can I get an MRI

Clinical examination is more effective than MRI in predicting return to sport. Frankly, MRI is not helpful for return to play decision making. Most return to play is be between 5 and 45 days. Reinjury is a problem so a progressive and detailed comprehensive plan is needed to reduce this rate.

Here is our formula:

  1. We recommend a hamstring sleeve/compression
  2. We do not recommend standard stretching
  3. We do not recommend icing
  4. We recommend early frontal plane movements according to the PATS(progressive agility and trunk stabilization) protocol.
  5. We recommend early return to sprint/return to run(PRES protocol) which is graded based on symptoms and clinical tests.
  6. We use hands-on manual therapy including active release technique, specific friction massage techniques over the lesion/scar and chiropractic mobilization and manipulation to the pelvis and lumbar spine.
  7. We like the Askling Exercise done daily by the patient.
  8. We have been experimenting with blood flow restriction training.
  9. We use high intensity laser therapy.

The rehab protocol we utilize has lower reinjury rates and quicker return to sport.