Virtual Visits. Case Studies

Virtual Visits. Case Studies

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Q: What is the cost?
A: There is no cost to the patient. Right now, we are finding out what insurance plans are covering this service, so for this time there is no charge to the patient. If you do get a bill for a virtual visit, it is a mistake and you will not be responsible for the bill. Contact Sara: (Valley Medical Billing); Phone: (920) 221-3244;

1. Meniscus tear rehab opinion. MRI review and discussion of conservative treatment options for the various types of meniscus lesions and her specific condition. A detailed exercise program prescribed as per the latest evidence-based guidelines.

2. Ankle pain in a runner with running gait assessment. Two specific kinds of tendinopathy diagnosed with specific loading protocols prescribed. A running gait analysis was performed via Zoom with video screen share with running faults discussed and training modifications recommended as well as rehabilitation shared via video.

3. Low back pain flare up from an existing patient. Understanding of his previous contributing factors were considered. Rehabilitation recommended including video for foot and ankle strengthening as well as a specific spine strengthening exercise for pelvic obliquity and scoliosis.

4. Proximal hamstring tendinopathy. A surgical consult from another physician was recommended to this patient for partial thickness tearing and tendinopathy. My opinion was sought after in terms of conservative treatment options and referral recommendations to the appropriate specialist. We discussed my opinions on PRP, steroid injections, modalities including Shockwave therapy and laser therapy as well as appropriate rehabilitation for this specific condition including specific tendon loading protocols as well as some less utilize strategies including Blood Flow Restriction Training. Additionally, she is a runner and we had a long discussion about training modifications for the time being. Coordination of care was completed.

5. Low back pain with sciatica. Acute flare up. Walked through various exercises to alleviate leg pain. He’ll need to be seen in the office for follow up but we were able to help with some exercise and advice in the short term.

6. Neck pain from home station set up. Discussion of ergonomics, posture breaks and the neck and posture exercises.

7. Low back pain. Worse right now with stress. We worked on specific breathing techniques to help with low back pain and hip hinging with breathing techniques to lengthening and strengthen the spine.

8. Arm paresthesias/tingling while sitting at a desk. Identified the most likely nerve structures involved based on location and provoking activities. Specific stretches and nerve gliding exercises prescribed.

9. Knee pain with running and jumping in a former track athlete. Identified the most probably cause of knee pain based on location of pain and I brought the patient through a systematic movement screen(SFMA) to identify other biomechanical factors that may be leading to the injury. Site vs Source of injury as we say in chiropractic sports medicine.

10. Pregnancy related back pain. A few tests on video to identify SI joint dysfunction with 2 or 3 SI joint provocation test positive over the video chat. Recommendations with a specific kind of belt and specific exercise do’s and don’ts.

11. Wrist pain. Based on the location of pain(ulnar sided wrist pain), a specific kind of brace was recommended(wrist widget) and specific kind of exercise to strengthen the wrist was recommended.